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About Michelle Ishakov

Michelle Ishakov is a certified nutritionist and is trained in both psychology and integrative nutrition.
She is the founder of Mi FOR LIFE, a nutritional consultation practice in Miami, Florida. Michelle believes that it is possible to achieve a nutritionally balanced life style without having to deprive oneself of the foods they love, and reaching one’s goal for a healthier, leaner, and more lively self!

Michelle studied Psychology in Austin, Texas, and later trained in Nutrition in Israel at a highly regarded institute for naturopathic, holistic, and natural medicine, which awarded her a degree in Naturotherapy. While in Israel, she completed her training at a specialized nutrition clinic where she provided one-on-one consultations to treat her patients’ health issues via holistic therapy (a way to heal the whole person through food, vitamins, minerals, and dietary & herbal supplements). She also helped many patients achieve their weight loss goals, while also teaching them how to prevent weight gain by maintaining healthy, fulfilling and balanced diet.

Some of Michelle’s training as an in-house nutritionist for a Miami based European Dietary Supplement company, exposed her to a wide range of food supplements catered to high-protein, low carb diets. Feeling unsatisfied with the quality of ingredients and nutrition content of these products, Michelle took upon herself the challenge to create a healthier, nutritious, and more satisfying alternative. Combined with her passion for baking, she developed an all-natural, rich in protein, and premium quality baked cake line, named “The Chosen One”, that has become a staple in her clients’ daily diets. Her cakes are a one-of-a-kind treat, that tastes sinful but is naturally guilt free.

Michelle Ishakov - Health Coach

The growing demand of The Chosen One baked cake line, has gained her recognition with well esteemed companies that have offered her partnerships with a number of business pursuits.

Learn more about The Chosen One – High Protein Cakes

Michelle’s mission is to help patients lose weight and enjoy food (and life!) without the guilt. She believes that there isn’t a “one size fits all” diet that could work for everyone, and believes that what is healthy for one person, could be fatal for another.

Michelle’s personal nutrition consultations are directed at building a customized diet  that suits each individual’s eating needs and habits, to help them arrive at their goal weight, and to teach them tricks to keep the lost weight off for the long run, while still eating the foods they love.

Contact Michelle in Miami, Florida, to work with a nutrition counselor and health coach who knows how hard is it to lose weight.